Bump Steer Kit for use with Stock Steering (70-81 Camaro / 75-59 Nova)

P/N: 318-202-2



  • A must for lowered cars
  • Replaces your inner and outer tie rod ends
  • Adjustable tie rod height at the spindle to maintain the correct steering geometry
  • Includes Chrome-Moly Rod Ends, LH / RH tie rod adjusters, 6061 Aluminum Spacers, and new inner tie rods
  • Must drill stock spindle / steering arm tapered hole out to 1/2″ to accept the hardware in this kit
  • Helps to minimize bump steer when adjusted properly (see our Bump Steer Adjustment instructions in our “Forms / Tech” section)

NOTE:  As Pictured, these inner tie rods are straight.  They do NOT have a bend in them (see pics).  If your car has inner tie rod ends with a bend in it, this WILL NOT fit your car.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 3 in